IESL is accredited on 10 parameter (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Length, Weight, Balance, Volume, Time, RPM and Lux) which is maximum in Bangladesh. We have also applied for accreditation on more 3 parameter (Torque, Sound and Electro technical).

  • IESL calibrate maximum instruments from Singapore. Also calibrate some instruments from USA, UK, Germany and India.
  • IESL have 6 calibration laboratory on different parameters.
  • IESL have the largest calibration team of 20 graduate and trained engineer.
  • IESL use 4 car, 1 Micro bus and 1 Covered Van for logistics support and personnel transportation.
  • IESL is authorized distributor of ATI, USA for supply, calibration and servicing of ATI products.
  • IESL has been audited by more than 10 different pharmaceuticals and other industries. You are also cordially invited to audit our premises.

More than 85 percent pharmaceuticals (Some of them are certified by FDA, TGA, MHRA and other authorities) are taking calibration services, temperature mapping and HVAC validation services from IESL.